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Learning In Concert Student Work

Listen to the Learning In Concert student compositions and view the musical notation and TRAMboards. Use the menu to find your school and compare animal melodies.

Crawling Animals

Assawompsett Turtle Crawling

Congdon School Lizard Crawling

Congdon School Tortoise Crawling

Dighton Bearded Dragon Crawling

Dighton Lizard Crawling

Dighton Turtle Crawling

Forest Avenue Gecko Crawling

Forest Avenue Turtle Crawling

Friends Academy Turtle Crawling

Hathaway School Iguana Crawling

Holy Trinity Alligator Crawling

Holy Trinity Platypus Crawling

Lincoln Alligator Crawling

Lincoln Bearded Dragon Crawling

Palmer River Mouse Crawling

Palmer River Turtle Crawling

Rochester Schools Armadillo Crawling

Rochester Schools Salamander Crawling

Rodman Alligator Crawling

Saint James Saint John Alligator Crawling

Sippican School Tiktaalik Crawling

Spencer Borden Anteater Crawling

Tansey Iguana Crawling

Wilbur & McMahon Crocodile Crawling

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View the flier for the 2015-16 Learning in Concert program, Adaptations in Motion: Animal and Musical.

For more information about the program, including registration, email Education Director Terry Wolkowicz or call 508-999-6276.

Thank you to Concerts at the Point for their generous support of our Learning in Concert program in Fall River, Westport, and Tiverton elementary schools. Thank you to Up with School Arts for their generous support of our program in Little Compton and Middletown elementary schools.

The 2014-15 Learning in Concert program was supported in part by a grant from the Acushnet, Fairhaven, Fall River, Marion, New Bedford and Wareham Local Cultural Councils, which are local agencies supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.