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Pardon My French

Saturday, May 26, 2018  7:30pm
Zeiterion Performing Arts Center, New Bedford, MA

Guillaume Connesson: Night-Club

Maurice Ravel: Piano Concerto in G

Maurice Ravel: Piano Concerto for the Left Hand

Claude Debussy: La Mer

New Bedford Symphony Orchestra Guest Artists

Beloved pianist Roberto Plano returns to the New Bedford Symphony to perform both of Ravel’s piano concertos on the same night. This program, featuring the flavors and perfumes of France, opens with the flary, humorous music of French contemporary composer Guillaume Connesson, inspired by funk and disco music played at a nightclub. Music Director Yaniv Dinur closes his first season with La Mer, Debussy’s powerful and vivid image of the sea, in what is bound to be an unforgettable event.

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Learning in Concert 2017-2018
The Orchestra as Ecosystem: Symphony Symbiosis

Balance is defined as a condition in which various elements are in proper proportion or arrangement. Within an ecosystem, balance is key in maintaining a harmonious interaction among a biological community of interacting organisms and their environment. Balance is also a vital component in music. A composer's concern for balance can be heard through the manipulation of many musical elements including form, melody, rhythm, and orchestration. The 2017-2018 Learning in Concert program, "The Orchestra as Ecosystem: Symphony Symbiosis," will explore the concept of balance in music and environmental science. Students will explore various local ecosystems to analyze elements of stability or imbalance. In music, students will explore balance in classical music to hear how composers achieve balance. Students will then analyze cross-discipline balance by determining population (number of the same species within an ecosystem or number of same instruments playing within a piece of music), density (how many different species exist within an ecosystem or how many different musical parts transpire throughout a musical piece), and range (the distribution of life from lowest to highest point found with an ecosystem and the distribution of sound, or pitch, from low to high in a musical piece). Throughout our yearlong exploration, we will partner with local environmental organizations, including the Lloyd Center for the Environment and the Buttonwood Park Zoo.

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