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Epic Journeys

Saturday, May 25, 2019  7:30pm
Zeiterion Performing Arts Center, New Bedford, MA

Zosha di Castri: Lineage

Samuel Barber: Piano Concerto

Sergei Rachmaninoff: Symphonic Dances

New Bedford Symphony Orchestra Guest Artists

The NBSO closes the season in an epic as well as personal concert. Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances is the composer’s last work and a summary of his life journey. Canadian composer Zosha Di Castri writes her own autobiographical piece about what it means to be Canadian. In between, brilliant pianist Joyce Yang performs Barber’s feverish Piano Concerto, a unique and extraordinary piece in the composer’s sound world.

Pre-concert talk: All are invited to the Penler Space at 6:30PM to hear Yaniv Dinur speak about the evening’s program.

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Symphony Seaside Swing 2019

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Learning in Concert 2018-2019
Resourceful Composer, Resourceful Planet

In the 2018-2019 Learning in Concert Program, we will explore three compositional techniques used by masterful composers that also serve as three models to improve the growing plastic pollution problem. The key to a sustainable planet lies within these composers' resourceful skills. During the composition process, the skillful composer will reuse (repeat), repurpose (modify) and recycle (reconstruct) musical ideas within a piece of music. Use of these techniques has allowed great composers like Beethoven to create beautiful symphonies crafted from a small amount of musical material. Just like Beethoven, these same three techniques of reuse, repurpose and recycle are also effective actions needed to reduce plastic pollution on our planet.

Each year, over 2 million metric tons of plastics ends up in our oceans, with only 9% of the world's plastic currently being recycled. This has created a serious problem to our aquatic, airborne and terrestrial environments and to the health of humans and marine and land animals. Throughout the Learning in Concert program, students will explore the concepts of reuse, repurpose and recycle through musical composition and hands-on, plastic repurposing activities. Through a partnership with the Buttonwood Park Zoo, our students will continue this exploration to learn about the devastating effects of plastic pollution on land and marine life.

Coming in 2019-2020!
Tracking Rhythms: Shared Rhythms in Classical Music and Animal Gait Patterns

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